Start With You + Companion Strategic Planning Workbook

Start With You PLUS the Strategic Planning Workbook–$59.90

This is the comprehensive powerhouse combination you need to get you started. Not only will you get the book with its powerful, proven concepts and case studies, you’ll also receive the companion workbook. With these two products (downloaded as a combined single digital file), you’ll be able to get your strategic plan in place quickly in a unique way that bends the business to the will of your life goals and ambitions and not the other way around.

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Workbook Only–$19.95

If you already have purchased Start With You, I highly recommend purchasing the companion workbook. Every person I coach uses the strategic planning process this workbook provides. It’s the platform that accelerates life and works to bend business success around your passions and goals. The more than 30 strategic questions packed into the first two steps have been called some of the toughest and more important questions the business leaders I coach have faced. Once you’ve read Start With You: How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters, open this workbook and start building your plan.
Purchase the workbook today!

Receive a free e-book copy of the book Start with You:  How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters with the purchase of any coaching program.

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