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Whether you start with a 90-minute SKYPE intensive, commit to a 90 or 360-day program, or jump in with both feet and enroll in the 36-month Life Journey (recommend only for those serious about making deep and lasting life change), the Live Fused® program is life-changing.

90-Minute to Fuse $675

The most powerful component of the LiveFused program is the creation of your Outcome Statement. Where do you want to be in 12 quarters? How much time do you want to spend with the family, on vacation, and at your office? These and about 20 other deep questions are designed to help you begin the first step of fusing your business and personal lives into something that can begin to achieve balance and make sure you work on the business and not for it. Be warned–while this session is only 90 minutes, I’m going to ask you direct questions that may be uncomfortable and are designed to identify and display limiting beliefs you may have about yourself, your team and your company. Most clients–including the CEOs of billion-dollar companies–agree this is one of the toughest and most rewarding exercises they have ever done.


1. Free copy of LiveFused

2. Outcome Statement exercise

3. 90-minute phone call with Peter Fuller

One Quarter Sprint $2,500

The key to successful transformational leadership is not a prescriptive program, but rather one that is reflective. While working toward the 12-Quarter outcome you define for yourself and your company, you’ll encounter the “mirror” effect. The mirror is powerful as we’ll see how you react to accountability, changes beyond your control, and your plan. How you “show up” reveals how you’re “showing up” in business and in your personal life. As you start the first quarter toward you outcome, I’m going to hold you accountable–to yourself. As you begin to change, so will those around you.

1. Free copy of the book, Live Fused

2. Three, 90-Minute coaching sessions

3. Behavioral assessments

4. All four steps of the LiveFused strategic process

5. First quarter of accountability

Two Quarter Sprint $5,000

By the second quarter, you’re likely going to experience several challenges to the path you set for yourself and your company. That’s life. What doesn’t have to change is your destination. What will change, however, is the way you judge events that occur as successes, setbacks or failures. You’ll experience the reality of event neutrality which will help free you to see solutions that typically lie buried beneath our own judgments and biases. True, creative growth both professionally and personally occurs when you experience managing events, not your or other’s perception of them.

1. Free copy of the book, Live Fused

2. Six, 90-Minute coaching sessions

3. Behavioral assessments

4. All four steps of the LiveFused strategic process

5. Two quarters of accountability

Four Quarter Sprint $10,000

This is my most popular package. By contracting for the first four quarters, you’re allowing yourself to be exposed to much of what life may toss at you. I’ll teach you a new, judgment-free lexicon that you can use in your company to defray emotional reactions to events, regardless of how they are perceived. By removing judgment, even success can be evaluated as just another event. The key ingredient that makes this package the most ordered and most successful is experience–your experience. You’ll be held accountable for meeting your goals, not making excuses, changing your language, identifying and confronting limiting beliefs events make them apparent, working to bring what you’re learning to your executive team and putting your personal priorities above that of the business and experiencing both the stress of doing that and the truth that world didn’t end when you did. If you really work at your plan, you’ll see the results you need to change your belief system and power through another 4-quarters on your way to your 12-quarter destination.

1. Free copy of the book, LiveFused

2. Twelve, 90-Minute coaching sessions

3. E-mail support during the year

4. Behavioral assessments

5. All four steps of the LiveFused strategic planning process

6. Option to be placed into a virtual peer group of other working through their 12-quarter sprint

One-Day Intensive, $1,650

Experience the first 90 days in just one day. This one day intensive will give you all the tools you’ll need to begin your 12 quarter transformation. Pre-work is required!

1. Free copy of the book, Live Fused

2. One, 6-hour virtual coaching session

3. Behavioral assessments

4. All four steps of the LiveFused strategic process

Note: Refunds will not be given. Please make sure that you can block out the full six hours without interruptions. Breaks will be taken every 50 minutes.

Vistage® Worldwide CEO, Business Owner or VP Peer Group

Please note: The pricing indicated is monthly and set by Vistage Worldwide.

Vistage® Worldwide is the premiere organization for CEOs and business owners who want to grow themselves and their businesses. With more than 22,000 members worldwide, Vistage member companies are considered by the Wall Street Journal and other publications as leading indicators for national economic trends.

I believe in the power of peers to forward goals and solve each other’s problems quickly. I run three boards in Indianapolis. The price for membership is set by Vistage.

Members are selected through an interview process that allows you to meet the board and the board to meet you. Membership in my boards includes:

1. 1:1 Coaching per month

2. (8) Top workshops per year

3. Access to the Vistage network of 22,000 (+) members worldwide

4. Access to Vistage events worldwide

5. Membership in a peer board of up to 16 members. No competitors are allowed and all members sign confidentiality agreements.

Additionally, I serve as a professional facilitator, helping the board set the agenda and work through topics brought for discussion quickly and systematically.

For more information, please contact me.


Receive a free e-book copy of the book Start with You:  How Badass Executives are Transforming Their Lives (and Businesses) in Just 12 Quarters with the purchase of any coaching program.

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